Polyaluminium chloride
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 High efficient decoloring flocculant
 Organosilicon defoaming agent
 Polyferric chloride
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 Polyferric Sulfate
About Us

Zibo Jieshui Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. Located in Zichuan district in Zibo city, Zibo Jieshui Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of water purifiers, with 36,000sqm of lands, 18,000sqm of buildings, and CNY 15 million of fixed assets. As an ISO9001 approved enterprise, we now are the member of China Inorganic Salts Association, member of Shandong Environment Protection Industry Association, key enterprise of Shandong Environment Protection Industry; our products get the certificate of "environment-friendly products" of China too. At present, we annually produce 20,000 tons of polyaluminium chloride, over 3,000 tons of Polyacrylamide dry powders (anion, cation and non-ion type), 1,500 tons of antifoaming agents, and 1,000 tons of decoloring agents. We also produce ferrous chloride series.  Our products are in accordance with the standard of China and international quality control systems, and are well sold in China, Canada, Nigeria, and Malaysia, etc. Quality and customers are number one priority to our company!

With the increasing of environmental awareness of people, people are laying more and more attentions on environmental pollution. Because of the water shortage, the water pollution and waste has become a big problem of risking our lives in most of cities of China.  All peoples have the willing to handle water pollution and purify water, and only handled sewage can be discharged or even be reused.

Thus, our company has devoted ourselves to the research, development and production of water treatment agents for years. We have been working hard toimprove quality and meet customers' demands.


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